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Asian Pear

Fruits provide vitamins and minerals and are high in fiber. Fresh from the fields & delivered to you!
-Apples, Asian Pears, Blueberries, and more!



There’s nothing like the scent of lavender to provide numerous benefits! Homemade & and picked!
-Fresh & dried bouquets and sachet-scented bags. More products are coming soon!



Nuts provide essential sources of protein, healthy fats, fibers, vitamins, and minerals that our body craves!
-Chestnuts, Filberts, and Pecans!


Clumping Bamboo (2)

Despite the stigma surrounding bamboo, clumping bamboo is noninvasive and easily managed. Learn more in the education section!

-Clumping bamboo varieties!

Education & Reviews

Glasses book

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The first step in our business is showing that we care by connecting directly with our customers. Our education, product reviews, and social media are the best modes of transit to show that we stand by what we say!


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We are a relatively new farm in our community, but our heritage runs deep! Our family has been in this location for five generations (and numerous other places in Pennsylvania). We intend to keep that tradition going for generations to come!

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