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Hidcote is a subvariant of the English Lavender (i.e., lavandula angustifolia) variety. It has beautiful deep purple buds and flowers with a luscious aroma that lasts approximately a year. This way, the smell continues to last. It can be provided fresh or dried.

It has a variety of stem lengths for those that use it for crafts and projects like wreaths, flower arrangements, or anything else.

English lavender can also be used for culinary purposes. All plant parts, such as the stem, buds, and leaves, can be used. This can be utilized fresh or dried. If the lavender is dried when incorporated into a dish, use it sparingly since lavender aroma and flavor intensify once dried. So, use it in a dish to add a unique flavor to spice up any food (e.g., tea, chicken, turkey, fish). Further information can be found in our education under lavender to learn more on the many benefits of using lavender. More varieties are coming soon!


Sachet Bags

Our lavender sachet bags are perfect for any occasion (e.g., Valentine’s day, Mother’s day, and other holidays). They are light and compact. So, they can be brought on the go during any event (e.g., in the car or at social events). They can add aroma to clothes in a draw as a clean, organic freshener. Add it to a pillowcase to help calm the body and mind before getting some rest. The applications are limitless.

When the intense aroma slows, place it in the palm of your hands and gently pat it to release more of the scent from the buds.


"I struggle with anxiety and insomnia. The organic dried lavender sachet bags from Frost Family Farm has helped me relax and sleep at night. I place it inside my pillow sheet before bed. The fragrance is amazing and smells fresh. The scent continues to last each night without losing its aroma!"
~ Jillian Sharkey