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Asian Pears

Asian pears are not like any other type of pear. They are sweet in flavor and juicy with every bite. Asian Pears can be eaten raw or cooked (either on its own, in a dish, or desert). They present similar to an apple with their round form, firmness, and thicker skin. They also have a crisp taste, but the flavor is unprecedented in comparison to other pears or apples. So, if you like apples and pears, then Asian pears are a must.

Asian Pears are high in fiber, which may promote stability with cholesterol levels via binding to bad cholesterol. They are also rich in antioxidants and nutrients like vitamin C and potassium, which potassium may reduce high blood pressure. They also provide folic acid, which is known to help with the reproduction of cells.


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Red Clapp's Favorite Pears

All pears have similar nutrient and antioxidant properties as stated in the Asian Pear section. As seen in the photo, Red Clapp’s Favorite pear gets its name from the red plush color that it receives when it is ready for harvest. This was a targeted trait back in the 50s that has become widely known today.

This variety is sweet, juicy, and skin is tender once ripe. This leaves for a desirable treat for all to share.

Bartlett Pears

Bartlett pears are more round in shape than other pears. Similar in shape to the Red Clapp’s Favorite. It has a greenish yellow color when it is ripe. It has a conventional pear taste with a creamy, smooth texture. It is most sought after for canning this delectable pear because it holds its flavor and smooth texture throughout storage. 

Bartlett Pear