Frost Family Farm


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Granny Smith

This apple is solid and remains solid after cooking. It makes for an excellent cooking apple and becomes sweet after it is cooked. Uncooked, it is tart, juicy, and crisp with every bite.


Fugi is a crisp and sweet apple. It has a longer shelf-life than other varieties, especially if it is refridgerated.


We have all cut an apple in half and only wanted to eat half of it, but reluctant to leave it around because it starts to brown. Well, Ambrosia apples have a low acidic ratio that increases the half-life time before the apple starts to brown on the inside. The apples are crisp with a slight honey flavor to it. So, these apples are sweet and juicy!


Gala apples are more resistant to bruising than other apples due to their thicker skin. They have a low acidity, reducing the time before it browns. They are crisp, juicy, and sweet. It is mild in flavor, and some say Gala has a subtle vanilla taste.


The Liberty apple is a sweet semi-tart apple with a long shelf-life of up to three to four months.