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Our berry plants are still growing. So, only a select amount is currently available during the season (Aug.-Nov.). Subscribe to our newsletters and follow our social media accounts for more updates!

Price Varies

*Note: We currently do not provide online shopping. However, we can be found in local farmer’s markets. We are also in the process of making an online shop to purchase our products for your convenience.*

Bluecrop Blueberries

Bluecrop blueberries are a dense, semi-tart, blueberry that provides the right sweetness. They are a well-rounded crop that can be used for eating fresh or frozen, baking, and used in preserves.

Duke Blueberries

This type produces berries that are medium or large in size. They have a slight tart and sweet flavor to them. They also have a crisp texture to them, but are all around soft like other blueberries.



Elderberries are rich in antioxidants, which makes them a perfect natural remedy for colds and other seasonal sicknesses (i.e.,  immune support). The flavor is naturally tart, so pairing the berry with sweet fruits adds a balance to a dish or desert. Sugar or other additives can sweeten the elderberry flavor to make the taste charming to the palate.


In raw form (uncooked), elderberries can be toxic unless it is an American variant. So, it is always safe practice to cook the berries and remove the seeds before making a usable product. Luckily, ours are all purely American variants. They can be utilized in numerous applications such as ice cubes, teas, jams, preserves, syrups, and so much more!  Further information on elderberries will be coming soon in our education section



Mulberries are high in vitamin C and iron (which can benefit blood pressure and produce red blood cells). They are known for their medicinal properties to help reduce blood sugar and cholesterol levels and reduce the potential for cancer.

Mulberries are comparable to blackberries in taste but less sweet. They have an even balance between sweet and tart flavors. They can be utilized in many dishes and desserts, such as ice cream, granola, salads, baked goods, and much more. They are tasty fresh or frozen too!