Frost Family Farm

Why Raised Beds?


If you have never utilized a raised bed, then this read is for you! Raised beds not only help prevent back issues by limiting the need to bend or working on your knees (which is also beneficial for individuals with limited mobility), but they are amazing for starting an earlier crop. Due to the soil being above ground, it warms significantly faster than soil in the ground. It enables better water drainage and you can add any amendments or soil type to best suit your plants’ needs!

Building It

It requires few materials and tools to build. You can use any scrap wood lying around or go to your local lumber store to pick up. Cedar is the best type of wood to use because it is naturally rot resistant, but any wood will do. Tools required are a hammer (or drill for easier use), an electric saw or hand saw, measuring tape, and nails (or screws). It requires a simple box frame and you can even add a metal mesh bottom to prevent critters from burrowing inside your raised bed gardens!