Frost Family Farm

Making an Herb Garden

Reasons to Grow Yourself

If you have never tried or grown your own herbs, then this is a must read! Herbs accentuate food, meaning it gives food that extra flavor that our taste buds crave! If you have ever bought herbs from the store, then you know that they are overpriced, especially buying fresh. Making your own herb garden is simple, easy and will save money! So why not try it yourself? Two ways to use herbs is by using them fresh from your garden or to dry them for long-term use. The best way to dry herbs is with the sun and it is free! You can also utilize a dehydrator for herbs as well. We will link a dehydrator we like to use in the item review section.

Best Locations to Grow

Herbs can be grown anywhere from inside, on your deck, or in the garden itself. If you choose to grow inside, make sure it is planted in a pot that receives direct sunlight (for best results). Growing outside may require some more tactics. Some herbs love to receive sunlight all day and others require partial shade or more shade. Basil and thyme can tolerate more sun, while chives and parsley require more shade.

If you have a list of herbs in mind to grow, it is best to double check which type of environment they prefer the best! For us here at Frost Family Farm, we like to utilize a space that has sun most of the day and has shade in the late afternoon. This helps mitigate time so we do not have to move our potted herbs throughout the day. There will be additional blogs on how to grow specific herbs without ever needing to go to the store again. Check back for more blogs!